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DazzleWrap - The Next Generation of Gift Wrap

It's A Wrap Creations presents DazzleWrap, the next generation of gift wrap.

Dazzle Wrap will intrigue and delight customers and quickly be recognized as the best new gift wrap idea in years!

Piksters Interdental Brushes for the Whole Family

Piksters have come to America! After several years of success in Australia and in Europe, Piksters are being introduced in America.

A quality interdental brush, designed by a dentist, that has taken the world by storm. Piksters is the first product in the category to mount an effective advertising and promotion campaign aimed at both dentists and consumers.

Tropical Flurry - Frozen, Vitamin Fortifide Drinks

Tropical Flurry is a brand name owned by frozen beverage company IAF Beverage of Dallas.

Tropical Flurry products include 100% juice drinks, milk-based shakes, energy drinks and sports drinks.

IAF Beverage offers franchise opportunities to small business people all across the country.