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First Communications, Inc.
A Tennessee C Corporation
Incorporated: 1989

Corporate Office: 1418 First Tennessee Bank Building
Chattanooga, TN 37402

Business Office: 10 Tradewinds Trace, Suite 4 Hilton Head Island, SC 29928
Telephone: 843-686-5599 or 888-840-2226

Please address any questions regarding services available from First Communications, Inc., to our business office.

To inquire about status as a collaborative business partner of First Communications, Inc., please send an initial e-mail to with introductory information and a contact name and telephone number.

First Communications, Inc. takes the privacy of its web site visitors seriously. This statement explains our privacy and data-protection practices.It is important for First Communications, Inc. to safeguard its users' privacy while providing a personalized and valuable service. Collecting personal information is necessary if First Communications, Inc. is to satisfy the expectations and requirements of its users, e.g., by communicating with them and providing an interactive service. What information do we compile? In addition to your email address supplied when signing up to First Communications, Inc.'s FirstCom Update Newsletter or sending us an e-mail inquiry, information is automatically retrieved on your browsing behavior through the site. This is used only in aggregate form; no individual user is identified. The aggregated data lets First Communications, Inc. analyze site traffic and thus provide you with a more relevant service. What do we do with the information we collect?The personal information you supplied when signing up to First Communications, Inc.'s FirstCom Update Newsletter or sending us an e-mail inquiry, will not be disclosed outside First Communications, Inc. The e-mail address you provided lets us send you information about important changes and improvements to the site, answer your inquiries and/or forward our FirstCom Update Newsletter. Each time you receive a message, you will have the option to decline to receive further marketing information relating to First Communications, Inc. If you have any questions in the meantime, or would like to be removed from First Communications, Inc.'s service, please contact:, clearly specifying the email address you submitted when using First Communications, Inc.'s service.

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